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 ===== Hosting =====  ===== Hosting ===== 
-Home Assistant is either a VM or a jail on [[projects:alford|Alford]].+Home Assistant is a VM on [[projects:alford|Alford]].
-It also hosts a mosquitto server.+It also hosts a mosquitto server on port 1883. 
 +I (hibby) can't remember the password, but if requested, I can make a new one
 ===== How to communicate with HASS ===== ===== How to communicate with HASS =====
-Visit [].+Visit either [[|]] [[|]].
-Username & pass is admin/admin. Just don’t fuck it up.+Username & pass is admin/admin. Please don’t fuck it up.
 ===== Notes ===== ===== Notes =====
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