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 +For recording our betting habits
 +====== Counting People ======
 +**Premise:** There is a desire to have a count for the number of people in the space. Cameras are the obvious solution, but members won't stand for that. Some alternative(none creepy or spying) method for generating a count of the number of people in the space is required. The system of generating a space occupancy count must be automated and accessible by some sort of network api. The network API will only return the current guess for the number of people in the room and an optional confidence interval.
 +  *  Nordin 
 +  *  tj
 +Agreement Adjudicated by:
 +  *  Shell    
 +//tj's position://
 +  By measuring ISM Band RF in the room we can estimate the number of members present. 
 +     I will use passive monitoring techniques to count the number of devices in the room 
 +     and some correlation methods to estimate the number of members present. No network 
 +     equipment will be connected in a privileged network position, only information 
 +     leaked by devices will be used. 
 +//Nordin's position://
 +  By measuring gases in the room we can estimate the number of people. I will use known
 +     occupancy values combined with gas detection sensors positioned in locations across 
 +     the space area to create a data model for estimating occupancy from sensor values.
 +===== Bet conditions =====
 +  1 year (from 13 Septemeber 2016)
 +     to be resolved on the closest agreeable <del>Tuesday night to the 13 of September 2017</del>
 +                                             Tuesday night of the 14 of November 2017
 +  The technique which can best estimate the number of people in 57North Hacklab on the day of testing will be deemed the winner.