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 +On Saturday the 26th of January 2019 we hosted a visit from Alex of the Vulca Program.
 +Basically Alex and Thomas have spent the last 3 years driving around Europe in a yellow van visiting Hackspaces, Fablabs and Makerspaces, seeing over 250 so far.
 +Alex mentioned two reports that Vulca have done with the European Commission: 
 +  *  Overview of the Maker Movement in the European Union {{file:jrc_technical_report_-_overview_maker_movement_in_eu.pdf}}
 +  *  Futures of Work: Perspectives from the Maker Movement {{file:kjna29296enn.pdf}}
 +More info to come.
 +  *  [[|Vulca's website]]
 +  *  [[|Program Vulca on Twitter]]
 +  *  [[|Program Vulca's tweet from the space]]
 +  *  [[|Alex from Program Vulca on Twitter]]
 +  *  [[|Thomas from Program Vulca on Twitter]]
 +  *  [[|Program Vulca on Facebook]]
 +  *  [[|Program Vulca on linkedin]]