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We are no longer using CAcert for internal services, as Let's Encrypt has provided a free alternative that is actually accepted in the browsers of normal people. is a community-driven Certificate Authority that issues certificates to the public at large for free. CAcert certificates are used to identify many of our services as it offers a free alternative to paying a company every time we would like to deploy a new service.

Installing the root certificate

The root certificate is the certificate that signs all CAcert issued certificates. You can obtain this from the CAcert website here:


Download the Windows installer package and run it to install the certificates in the Windows Certificate Store. This will work for Internet Explorer, Chrome on Windows and Safari on Windows. If you're using Firefox, follow the instructions for Firefox in the Other Platforms section below.

Other Platforms


For firefox, you can click the "Root Certificate (PEM Format)" and "Intermediate Certificate (PEM Format)" links to install these certificates in your browser.


For Chrome or Chromium, you can click the "Root Certificate (PEM Format)" and "Intermediate Certificate (PEM Format)" links to download the certificates. Click the downloaded files in the download bar to install these. You may need to provide your password to install these as Chromium and Chrome use your operating system's certificate store as opposed to a separate store.


  • How to verify the fingerprints using GPG