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The wireless network provides Internet access using 802.11a/b/g/n to space members and visitors. When you are connected to the wireless LAN you will have IPv4 and IPv6 access to the Internet, ChaosVPN, Freifunk and dn42.



This SSID is secured with WPA2-PSK.


This SSID is secured with WPA2-EAP which is more secure than WPA2-PSK as the encryption keys are different per user. To connect to this network you will need the following settings:

Security WPA2 Enterprise
Authentication Protected EAP (PEAP)
Inner Authentication MSCHAPv2
Username (your LDAP username)
Password (your LDAP password)

The RADIUS server will present a CAcert signed certificate which you can use to authenticate the access point.

Static Addresses

There is no space reserved for static addresses on the wireless LAN beyond the infrastructure required to operate it. The IP addresses for these devices are given below for reference.

IP Address Hostname Description Contact *Reserved* Infrastructure Projects:Network ubnt Edge Router Lite Projects:Network openwrt Wireless Access Point Projects:Network spaceprint HP Photosmart 5510 Projects:Network *Reserved* DHCP Pool Projects:Network