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57North Hacklab
Total Projects 26
Total Projects in Planning 4
Total Active Projects 18
Total Dormant Projects 3
Total Completed Projects 1
Project count by theme


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Here you can find a list of projects undertaken by members of 57North Hacklab.

To add your project, use this form. Do not try to edit this page directly as these lists are auto-generated.

Projects by Theme[edit]

Projects are organised into the following themes:

Projects in Planning[edit]

LidnetVPN connecting 44 networksRadioIrl
NetworkThe 57North Hacklab NetworkInfrastructureIrl
NordinMeadHoney wine fermentationFood and DrinkNordin
Radio BBSA Radio BBS for AberdeenRadioIrl

Active Projects[edit]

3D PrinterKossel MiniInfrastructureNordin
57North ID57North centralised identity and SSOInfrastructureVShell
Air Quality MonitorAir Quality Monitor,ElectronicsDocOcassi
DoorbotDoorbot - Door Entry SystemInfrastructureDocOcassi
GNU SocialGNU SocialWebIrl
GitGit hosting for 57North membersWebVShell
HackercatAn IRC bot for #57NWebDerecho
HackerdeenBotAn IRC bot for #57NWebOrmiret
HackhubHackerspace ManagementInfrastructureOrmiret
MB7VXAPRS DigipeaterRadioIrl
MatrixMatrix homeserverWebShell
Motorola GM340Radios for the peopleRadioHibby
PadEtherpad Instance for 57N/ChaosVPNWebHibby
PiMPDMPD on a RaspberryPiInfrastructureNoodlemonkeh
SpacekeysWeb-based view of the 57North web of trustCommunityIrl
TracBug TrackerWebIrl
WikiThe 57North Hacklab WikiWebIrl
XMPPThe 57North XMPP ServerWebIrl

Dormant Projects[edit]

Giant Robot ArmRobot ArmElectronicsAdventureloop
LDAPThe 57North Hacklab LDAPInfrastructureIrl

Completed Projects[edit]

AdventuremateA homemade Club Mate-like drinkFood and Drink