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57North Hacklab
Total Projects 26
Total Projects in Planning 4
Total Active Projects 18
Total Dormant Projects 3
Total Completed Projects 1
Project count by theme


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Here you can find a list of projects undertaken by members of 57North Hacklab.

To add your project, use this form. Do not try to edit this page directly as these lists are auto-generated.

Projects by Theme

Projects are organised into the following themes:

Projects in Planning

LidnetVPN connecting 44 networksRadioIrl
NetworkThe 57North Hacklab NetworkInfrastructure
NordinMeadHoney wine fermentationFood and DrinkNordin
Radio BBSA Radio BBS for AberdeenRadioIrl

Active Projects

3D PrinterKossel MiniInfrastructureNordin
57North ID57North centralised identity and SSOInfrastructureVShell
Air Quality MonitorAir Quality Monitor,ElectronicsDocOcassi
DoorbotDoorbot - Door Entry SystemInfrastructureDocOcassi
GNU SocialGNU SocialWebIrl
GitGit hosting for 57North membersWebVShell
HackercatAn IRC bot for #57NWebDerecho
HackerdeenBotAn IRC bot for #57NWebOrmiret
HackhubHackerspace ManagementInfrastructureOrmiret
MB7VXAPRS DigipeaterRadioIrl
MatrixMatrix homeserverWebShell
Motorola GM340Radios for the peopleRadioHibby
PadEtherpad Instance for 57N/ChaosVPNWebHibby
PiMPDMPD on a RaspberryPiInfrastructureNoodlemonkeh
SpacekeysWeb-based view of the 57North web of trustCommunityIrl
TracBug TrackerWebIrl
WikiThe 57North Hacklab WikiWebIrl
XMPPThe 57North XMPP ServerWebIrl

Dormant Projects

Giant Robot ArmRobot ArmElectronicsAdventureloop
LDAPThe 57North Hacklab LDAPInfrastructureIrl

Completed Projects

AdventuremateA homemade Club Mate-like drinkFood and Drink