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Lower-level 12v Network
Description A 12V distribution network, mainly intended for lighting, sensing and control at this point
People User:Nordin, User:Peter
Theme Infrastructure
Status Active

Mounted Power Supply

A 12V 14A supply has been mounted inside the social room, above the door. It has been wired into the two RGBW LED strips in the social room and the RGBW LED strip in the wood store. The supply is mounted in a wooded box with a closed but clear plastic slide-off front. Small vents below and above have been added as well as 240v warning stickers. The supply plugs directly into the wall power socket.

The social room strip controllers have been augmented with mounting brackets and affixed to the walls/ceiling respectively.

Current status

The 12v supply mounted in-place, unplugged

The setup is tested as 100% working but has been unplugged pending review of heat dissipation. Its suggested we add a temperature sticker for general monitoring and watch over an open evening, running checks with the IR temperature sensor.

Future plans

Initial results show a slow but steady air flow but a lid fan can be added if needed. A power-line wifi-controlled relay is planned to be added to the shutdown automation of the space. The supply itself has been used for 4months for the upper-floor lighting and has proved reliable, but we may wish to switch with an alternative if better a version is available.

We may also wish to add smart-looking enclosures for the controller boxes and soft-glow lighting for the wooden box inside. The wood-store controller also needs to be augmented with mounts for a better wall fix. The power supply will also likely power the Projects:Wall_Control_Panels when they go live.