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Radios are everywhere - broadcasting terrible music on 99.5MHz, delivering pictures of kittens on WiFi, saving lives on marine VHF, mobile phones and more. The ubiquity makes it a fun target for hackers of all varieties - sending serial over unlicensed bands to malicious individuals intercepting GSM communications.

I intend to get the Space somewhat kitted out for radio communications and get a bit of a relationship going with the local amateur radio society. The current short term goal is a pop-up VHF/UHF antenna array for tracking and communicating with satellites in fields and other cool stuff.

Licensed Radio Amateurs

Amateur radios are license restricted, and as such if you don't have a government-issued nerd certificate (Amateur Radio License) you could get yourself (and the owner of the radio) into lots of trouble if you try to talk through them. Here is a list of licensed radio amateurs in the space:

 Amateur Radio Callsign

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List of Projects

LidnetVPN connecting 44 networksIdeaIrl
MB7VXAPRS DigipeaterActiveIrl
Motorola GM340Radios for the peopleActiveHibby
Radio BBSA Radio BBS for AberdeenIdeaIrl

To add your radio project, use this form. Do not try to edit this list directly.

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