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This page is a work in progress. Speak to irl if you are interested in advancing the Clean and Tidy Space™ agenda.

Waste and Recycling

Members and visitors should routinely collect and dispose any obvious rubbish from their workspace and consider taking the bin out upon exit. There are a number of bins located throughout the space.



For those in the workshop or social room, your nearest bins can be found in the corridor between the two spaces. Two bins are provided and labelled, please ensure that you are using the correct bin.

Note that the person emptying the recycling bin will likely have to touch the items in the bin individually when emptying, please ensure that you have emptied your can and that the waste is clean (also ensuring good quality recycling material). The following items should be placed in the recycling bin:

  • Cardboard or Paper
  • Aluminium Cans
  • Plastic Bottles

The following items should definitely not be placed in the recycling:

  • Batteries
  • Plastic Bags or Film
  • Fire
  • Food Waste

Only the general waste bin uses bin bags. If you are emptying the general waste bin, please place in a new bin bag from the container above the bin.



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Shop Vac Micro


The Shop Vac Micro has a maximum airflow of 50 CFM and a sealed pressure of 45 inches. Is the floor getting a bit dirty? Have you made a mess that is hard to clean up? The Shop Vac Micro may be exactly what you need!

It can be found under the dirty workshop bench along with spare bags. If the vacuum is beginning to lose suction it may need the bag replacing. Please feel empowered to do this yourself if you are confident, and you can refer to the user manual below for help. If you do not feel confident then please ask a fellow member or at least let the mailing list know that maintenance is required.

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