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The hackerspace and the members are defined by the little projects we undertake!

Here you can find a list of these projects undertaken by members of 57North Hacklab.

Adding a Project

Create a page called projects:yourproject by searching for it and finding the link within “You can create or edit the page :projects:yourproject”.

Be sure to put at the following string the bottom of the page:

{{tag>project active software}}

this tags it as an active project within the software category. The last tag is optional but helpful! you can add other tags, such as your username to show it on your userpage or todo if you need help completing the page.

Based on the tags, it will ~automagically~ appear in the lists below!

Active Projects

Air Quality MonitorAir Quality Monitor An Air Particulate Monitor based on the design from <> the Aberdeen air quality project has a website <> where you should find information and contact about the wider project, this is an arcive of some information related to the sensor kit, not particularly structured
Digital InfrastructureDigital Infrastructure Our Network & other infrastructure projects that help with the day-to-day running of the space, such as providing internet access, telephony and web services. Some of the things we run are considered to be required for the space to function and are listed under the
HackerdeenBotHackerdeenBot HackerdeenBot is the 57North IRC bot, built by Ormiret with contributions from others. It is written in Clojure. HackerdeenBot uses data provided by the SpaceAPI endpoint and can be configured to use any conformant SpaceAPI endpoint. HackerdeenBot is distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.
LED Ping Pong PongLED Ping Pong Pong We were going to create a pong game, that could use an array of LEDs as a screen. Rob made an awesome LED array. [300px] And some code for it <> The code is living in <> though it's not finished yet. Notes from IRC... actually that reminds me, andygasman: I
PiMPDPiMPD Music in the space is controlled by a VM on Alford running MPD. hibby is responsible for this project. It used to live on a Pi, hence the name. The address for the Pi MPD is '' or '' Controlling the Music You can connect to the player using the webpage interface or via an MPD client. Clients for some architectures are listed below:
StickersStickers Stickers are awesome, everyone loves stickers :) See also Branding. Places to get stickers made * <> * <> * <> * <> Off-the-shelf stickers * <> * <> * <…

Dormant Projects

57North ID57North ID 57North ID combines an LDAP server with a user management portal and a CAS IdP to become a single, centralised point for user identity within 57North. All 57North services should authenticate against it, which they can do in a handful of ways:
adventuremateadventuremate adventuremate is a Club Mate-like drink that was presented at EMF camp 2014. Recipe Makes 500ml of concentrate, enough for 4 500ml bottles Ingredients * 500ml Water * 40g Yerba Mate * 60ml Simple Syrup * 15g Honey
GariochGarioch Garioch is one of our core servers. Services Port Service Purpose 22 sshd SSH 25 postfix mail 53, 953 named DNS 3306 mysqld MySQL for ? Websites Website Purpose www Main Website git cgit for git lists Mailing Lists
Giant Robot ArmGiant Robot Arm Some notes on the Microbot Alpha II (or 'Teachmover') robot arm. Electronics The base of the arm contains one PCB, marked “Microbot Inc. Alpha Motor Drive Assy: 10131 Rev A” (serial 636). It contains 12 single-phase stepper drivers (a combination of RIFA and ST PBL3717 ICs), as well as two LM339N quad comparator ICs.
GitGit Backing against the 57North ID LDAP database for SSH public keys, provides simple git repository hosting. At present, all 57North ID holders have access to this - once HackHub is integrated with 57North ID, this will be restricted to members.
guinea pig house v1[Description=Guinea Pig House v1 |People=Andyg |Theme=Furniture |Status=Finished ] Guinea Pig House v1. This is a folding Cavia house. 500px 500px 500px 500px project dormant furniture
guinea pig house v2[Description=Guinea Pig House v2. More coming soon. |People=Andyg |Theme=Furniture |Status=Finished ] Guinea Pig House v2. This was an improvement on Guinea_Pig_House_v1. More coming soon. 500px project furniture dormant
guinea pig house v3Guinea Pig House v3. This was an improvement on Guinea_Pig_House_v2. [400px|Guinea pig house v3] [400px|Guinea pig house v3] [400px|Guinea pig house v3] [400px|Guinea pig house v3] [400px|Guinea pig house v3] project furniture dormant
hacker shelvingHacker Shelving. The idea is to design and build hacker friendly shelving, then share design notes etc. Requirements... * Space for A4 sized books * Space for a medium sized domestic printer * Space for active and dormant projects * Space for boxes of stuff * Needs to be standard ceiling height tall * Needs to be about 1m wide * A fair amount of standing desk type space
HackercatHackercat hackercat is a artificial intelligence Cat like being that is omnipresent in the IRC channel, based on Cardinal. Usage You can fetch the available commands with .help . 22:10 <@irl> .help 22:10 < hackercat> Loaded commands: help, info, youtube, addnote,
HackyLEDsHackyLEDs HackyLEDs was/is LED lights with homemade controllers that were kept in the upper floor of engage_space Location * 2x installed and in use in the ceiling; one flood and one strip light. * 2x stored unused under the left-side desk in the social room; one flood and one strip light.
Partitioning FurniturePartitioning Furniture We are keen to partition off space in the Kettock Lodge space, this project, or series of projects is to address that. We will use probably more than one of these solutions to partition off the 57N part of the space. First discussed in Jan or Feb 2020.
RAD RobotRAD Robot There is a Robot, a Toymax RAD from 1998, which is missing a controller (49Mhz). It could be a project someone to work on. Some maybe useful links... * <> * <> * <> * <> project dormant electronics
ShopShop What is the Shop? The shop is where the foods, drinks and other treats live. The shop is currently in Beta(tm) and feedback/comments are welcome. Shout at . The shop uses RevBank. We keep a 57North specific codebase at <> which can be accessed if you are in space.
SpacekeysSpacekeys [A (probably outdated) snapshot of the 57North web-of-trust] Spacekeys is a small project by irl to visualise the 57North web-of-trust for OpenPGP keys. It uses sig2dot and graphviz to produce the visualisations. Remember that you should not trust Spacekeys for key discovery, you should always check that you have a trust path from your key via trusted people. There is
Stem Project IdeasStem Project Ideas This is a page for STEM project ideas, things we can do as workshops or at events like MayFest, TechFest, IET open doors day and such like. This is a place for everything from raw ideas to completed projects. It was created after a mailing list thread, see
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