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This page is to record any funding proposals that have been made by or for 57 North. We have a collated list of funding bodies on the funding_bodies page.

ACVO also support 3rd sector funding activities, see

We has also discussed becoming_a_charity.


Funding applications we are looking at.

National Lottery

National Lottery has £300 - £10,000 for Voluntary / community organisations.

Creative funding awards 2019/20

Aberdeen’s City Council has made £50,000 available as the second round of Creative Funding applications.

Applications for the second round close on Tuesday 23 July at 5pm.

Not-for-profit organisations can apply for up to £15,000.

Andy emailed on the 11th of July to find out about the advice sessions.

More info…

Aberdeen City Council Small Financial Assistance Grant

You can apply for this grant if you are a community group or organisation with a one-off request for funding which doesn’t meet the requirement for funding from any other Council budget.

Visual Artist and Craft Maker Awards: Aberdeen City

The Robertson Trust - Wee Grants for Wee Groups

Eligible organisations can apply for up to £2,000 and projects/services can be fully funded. I'm not sure we fit the funding strands as-is, but there may be potential to get funding for specific programs we could run.

They have some case studies, which is useful for examples of things they've funded to-date

Related to this, a thread started on the mailing list re becoming a CIC, see

Aberdeen Harbour Board’s Community Action Fund

In 2019 there was…

In 2019, Aberdeen Harbour Board will donate £30,000 to local charities and community groups. The total amount will be shared between three groups which support either health and wellbeing, skills and talent, or environmental improvement. Sponsorship awards have been increased up to £10,000 per organisation for one year. Applications for funding open on the 1st February 2019 and close on the 31st March. The selection process takes place in May, and funding to successful applicants made soon after.

…so there is potential for doing this in 2020 perhaps.


Funding applications that are pending a decision from the funding body.


Funding applications that are completed, either successfully or unsuccessfully.

Creative funding awards 2018/19

Documents delivered Friday 20th of July 2018. Application work done by AndyG, Dococassi and Hibby.

Main Doc 57_north_application.pdf

Supporting docs

Applications and support material are reviewed by the independent panel. Funding decision after the September 1st.


Outcome: Unsuccessful


  • Andy: This was the first funding application we've done (I think) and it was completed in a very tight time scale. Given more time we could have attended one of the funding workshops, which would have helped. The application was done as a collaborative google doc, which seemed a good way to write it, except I think I didn't attached the final-final version to the submission. I think it'll be a good foundation for future applications, combined with the helpful feedback.

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