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This page is for notes about HMRC and Companies House submission.

Our financial year runs from the 1st of March to the 28th of February.

Submission needs to be done by the end of November.

We submit a combined corporation tax and companies house at

Our Companies house listing

HMRC profile is at

You will need…

  1. the hackspace UTR number
  2. a gateway ID that is associated with the hackspace
  3. a password for the above gateway id
  4. access the the phone with the number associated with the gateway ID (for OTA, 2FA)

if you don't have a gateway ID that is associated with the hackspace you will need to find a person who does, or ask HMRC to remove the current gateway ID's association to the hackspace and add the gateway ID that you have (or have created). HMRC will then send you a PIN code in the post to the registered address.


  1. Wait till after the year end, the 1st of March
  2. fill out stuff :D
  3. check it was submitted at companies house
  4. check it was submitted at HMRC

Disclaimer: the HMRC system may change from year to year.

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