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Line 1: Line 1:
-{{Project +
-|Description=Guinea Pig House v3 +
-|People=Andyg +
-|Theme=Furniture +
-|Status=Finished +
 Guinea Pig House v3.  Guinea Pig House v3. 
Line 11: Line 6:
-[[File:guinea_pig_house_v3_01.jpg|400px|Guinea pig house v3]] +{{File:guinea_pig_house_v3_01.jpg|400px|Guinea pig house v3}} 
- +{{File:guinea_pig_house_v3_02.jpg|400px|Guinea pig house v3}}
-[[File:guinea_pig_house_v3_02.jpg|400px|Guinea pig house v3]] +
- +
-[[File:guinea_pig_house_v3_03.jpg|400px|Guinea pig house v3]]+
-[[File:guinea_pig_house_v3_04.jpg|400px|Guinea pig house v3]]+{{File:guinea_pig_house_v3_03.jpg|400px|Guinea pig house v3}}
-[[File:guinea_pig_house_v3_05.jpg|400px|Guinea pig house v3]]+{{File:guinea_pig_house_v3_04.jpg|400px|Guinea pig house v3}}
 +{{File:guinea_pig_house_v3_05.jpg|400px|Guinea pig house v3}}
 {{tag>project furniture dormant}} {{tag>project furniture dormant}}
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