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Radios are everywhere - broadcasting terrible music on 99.5MHz, delivering pictures of kittens on WiFi, saving lives on marine VHF, mobile phones and more. The ubiquity makes it a fun target for hackers of all varieties - sending serial over unlicensed bands to malicious individuals intercepting GSM communications.

I intend to get the Space somewhat kitted out for radio communications and get a bit of a relationship going with the local amateur radio society. The current short term goal is a pop-up VHF/UHF antenna array for tracking and communicating with satellites in fields and other cool stuff.

Licensed Radio Amateurs

Amateur radios are license restricted, and as such if you don't have a government-issued nerd certificate (Amateur Radio License) you could get yourself (and the owner of the radio) into lots of trouble if you try to talk through them. Here is a list of licensed radio amateurs in the space:

?Amateur Radio Callsign

Do not try to edit this list directly, please add your callsign to your User page.

List of Projects

?Description#- | ?ProjectStatus = Status | ?People

To add your radio project, use this form. Do not try to edit this list directly.

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