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Finzean is one of our core servers.


Port Service Purpose
22 sshd SSH
25 exim4 mail
80,443 apache2 web
53, 953 named DNS
389 slapd LDAP
12000 nodejs ?


Website Purpose
hub hackhub
ID SSO Service

Services Hosted on Finzean

57North ID 57North ID 57North ID combines an LDAP server with a user management portal and a CAS IdP to become a single, centralised point for user identity within 57North. All 57North services should authenticate against it, which they can do in a handful of ways:
Hackhub Hackhub Hackhub is our member database and lives on Finzean. It is very closely integrated with 57North ID and both need to be running. Hackhub code is hosted at Github. Hibby's work in progress attempt to set up hackhub on a server Requirements Some form of OS (Debian stable):
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