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Laser Cutter


  • Next to the high workbench beside window, at front


  • Fumes from lased materials. The kit should be well ventilated when in use.
  • High intensity laser light. The laser should not be viewed with the naked eye when in operation.
  • Heat. The kit will release heat when in use and should be cooled and monitored.

Current State

In place but needs TODO Below to be completed before operation.

Current progress

  1. Set up again next to window
  2. Cleaned the bed mirrors and Lens, all not in good condition, (rear mirror still to check.)


  • Set up Cooling.
  • Air filter,and exhaust outside through window when in use.
  • computer and software to operate.
  • Check the bed for focal length of laser


  • Better temp control for cooler
  • Air Assist for the cut, requires air pump.
  • switch to shut off when door open, or lock.
  • EMS?


  • The hardware is a KH-3020 'Laser Engraving Machine'.
  • Dimensions: Width 810mm x depth 510mm x height 260mm (at highest)
  • The note 'Vinyl: 80mm/s 50%' is written on the machine's body
  • It is currently water-cooled via water piped though an ice bath.
  • The cut size is approx A4.
  • Ventilation is achieved via a fan and a length of approx 3m of large tubing that exits the machine rear
  • A new cooling solution is in development, together with a provision for better ventilation.


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