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The 57North Hacklab Network will provide all the necessary components to connect our hackers to the public Internet using both IPv4 and IPv6 and also to the ChaosVPN, dn42 and Freifunk networks.

Network Components


bennachie.57n.dn42 is an apu3c4 board running OpenBSD. It terminates the PPPoE tunnel from Converged and has a 2G LACP trunk into the core switch in the same rack. This trunk uses 802.1Q encapsulation to carry multiple VLANs as detailed below.

Recovery / Reinstatement

In the event of a failure, the configuration for this box is backed up to an SD card. This card appears as `/dev/sd1i` and is mounted normally at `/sdcard`. This is FAT formatted, not FFS, so it is possible to just plug this into whatever to read the contents. On this SD card you'll find a readme and a tar file containing the contents of /etc.

Step 1: Network interfaces

  em0- Links to the VDSL modem

      > LACP trunk with vlans to the switch

 There are then a bunch of VLANs and tunnels. The descriptions
 for these in the hostname.if(5) files will tell you what they
 are, those files are the source of truth.

Step 2: Services

Look in /etc/rc.conf.local (or its backup) and you'll find the
services that are/were enabled. You'll find their config files and
do the right thing with them.

Step 3: Packages

Other than the base system, some packages are configured:

  * MRTG

Packages are not critical to the operation of the router. As far
as possible we should use only the base system to make it easier
to keep track of things. Similarly, files in /var are considered
temporary. The only state really is in /etc. This means we don't
backup DHCP leases but we do backup the static assignments, for

Network Architecture

                             _ __            
                          __( =  =- _        
             ----------  (-       -  )__- -_ 
            /          (_-= _(    =-    _=-  
           /              -=__(__  _-)-      
          |                     -=-          
          |                                  /`(HE Tunnel Endpoint)
          |           +--------------------+
          |           | bennachie.57n.dn42 |----(Various dn42 peerings)
     +-----------+    +---|0|--|1|---|2|---+
     | HG612     |________/     |          
     +-----------+              |            
                      |  Core Switch        |
     +-----------+    +-|xx|-----------|xx|-+
     | OpenWRT   |______/


When considering new IP ranges, it is necessary to consider which ranges would already be in use in ChaosVPN, dn42 and Freifunk. The range is available for local use and not routed outside the hackerspace. For IPv6, the hackerspace has a global scope address block (2001:470:510b::/48), from Hurricane Electric, and this surfaces in Germany (who has the account for this?).

Some blocks in this table have been marked as legacy. This is because the addressing they use was from ChaosVPN, and we are now instead looking at dn42 for inter-hackerspace peering. ChaosVPN and dn42 co-ordinate on address space and also peer with each other and so we should not be losing any connectivity.

Our DN42 ASN is AS4242421057

VLAN Description Address Range IPv6
120 LAN ?

Static Addresses

A segment of addresses in the wired LAN is reserved for infrastructure projects. These IP addresses should only be used for long-lived devices in the space that provide services to members. If you require a static IP address temporarily or for a project that does not provide services to members then you should use an IP address from the segment of “first come first served” addresses. The remainder of the subnet is reserved for the DHCP pool.

IP Address Hostname Description Contact Bennachie irl’s hingmy Network ythan No one knows Network Alford Microserver Network pimpd Network Music Player PiMPD home assistant It really ties the room together Network octopi RaspberryPi connected to the space Mendel Prusa I2 3D printer Nordin Printer The Big Friendly Printer hibby
172.23.152.xx-xxx *First come first served* Static Allocations Network

Network Rack

Rack Layout

U (from top) Hardware
1 Patch
2 Mesh Blank Panel
3 Cable Tidy
4 Switch
5 Cable Tidy
6-7 NMS Panel

Patch Panel

The Patch Panel in the top rack is currently not well populated.

Patch Panel Port Outlet


ChaosVPN is a VPN to connect hackers and hackerspaces. The wired and wireless LANs are connected to ChaosVPN and, via ChaosVPN, dn42 and Freifunk's networks.

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