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Ythan is our replacement for Garioch, and is our core web/mail server.

It is the hub for, and


Port Service Purpose
22 sshd SSH
25 postfix mail
53, 953 named DNS (is this required?)


Website Purpose
www Main Website
Wiki Wiki
lists Mailing Lists

Let’s Encrypt is on this machine, it has been set to auto renew certs.

Services Hosted on Ythan

Services Wanted

Services Provisioned

Mail Mail An accurate depiction of emailing the hacklab Accept mail for 57North domains and the mailing lists. Runs on Ythan. /etc/aliases has things to point contact addresses at addresses for the people handling them. Run newaliases after editing this. Mailing lists can be managed with the commands in /usr/lib/mailman/bin
The Wiki The Wiki The 57North Hacklab wiki runs on ythan. This wiki is available for all members of 57North Hacklab to share whatever content they wish to share with the wider community. The wiki is based on dokuwiki and has been configured with features that are useful to the hackerspace, e.g. documentation of member
Website Website Our website is a project really. The code lives at <> and the ReadMe has a bunch of useful info on it. The website is hosted on Ythan. Hibby would like to use github CI to push new changes to the server direct. project active website ythan
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