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Sometimes it is fun to experiment with electronics. There is a range of electronics tools available in the space, along with a range of useful electronic components.

List of Projects

Giant Robot Arm Giant Robot Arm Some notes on the Microbot Alpha II (or 'Teachmover') robot arm. Electronics The base of the arm contains one PCB, marked “Microbot Inc. Alpha Motor Drive Assy: 10131 Rev A” (serial 636). It contains 12 single-phase stepper drivers (a combination of RIFA and ST PBL3717 ICs), as well as two LM339N quad comparator ICs.
HackyLEDs HackyLEDs HackyLEDs was/is LED lights with homemade controllers that were kept in the upper floor of engage_space Location * 2x installed and in use in the ceiling; one flood and one strip light. * 2x stored unused under the left-side desk in the social room; one flood and one strip light.
iPi iPi The availability of small cheap (~£10) screen components for the Raspberry Pi is a great solution looking for a problem. It's called an iPi, because it's like a iMac, er, sort of. Hardware The screen is ok, at 480×320 it has a 3:2 aspect ratio and 165ppi. The viewing angles are not really close to current mobile phone standards, but are ok. The best docs about the screen seem to be on the LCD Wiki at
Laser Cutter Laser Cutter Location * Next to the high workbench beside window, at front Hazards * Fumes from lased materials. The kit should be well ventilated when in use. * High intensity laser light. The laser should not be viewed with the naked eye when in operation.
LED Ping Pong Pong LED Ping Pong Pong We were going to create a pong game, that could use an array of LEDs as a screen. Rob made an awesome LED array. [300px] And some code for it <> The code is living in <> though it's not finished yet. Notes from IRC... actually that reminds me, andygasman: I
Stem Project Ideas Stem Project Ideas This is a page for STEM project ideas, things we can do as workshops or at events like MayFest, TechFest, IET open doors day and such like. This is a place for everything from raw ideas to completed projects. It was created after a mailing list thread, see

List of Workshops

Battle Brushbot Workshops Battle Brushbot Workshops OpenSCAD code: //Facet Number $fn=100; difference () { // £1 coin model translate([0, 0, 0]) cylinder(h = 3.15, r1 = 11.25, r2 = 11.25, center = false); translate([0, 8, 0]) cylinder(h = 4.15, r1 = 1.5, r2 = 1.5, center = false); // Letters scale([1,1,-5]) rotate([0, 0, 0]) translate([-4, -6,-0.8]) linear_extrude(1) text("E", font="Liberation mono:style=Bold"); }
Make it Glo Make it Glo 150px|thumb|right|An early concept sketch showing the end-product idea of the workshop, the 'MakeIt-Glo' Let free your creativity whilst gaining hands-on experience programming embedded micro-controllers. MakeIt-Glo is a three hour electronics introduction workshop where you'll build a flexible, freestanding set of high-powered colour 'pixels' based on the WS2812B LED-on-a-chip. These pixels are a brighter version of popular [

List of Articles

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