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Making furniture is fun.

Screwdrivers Screwdrivers We've got loads of screwdrivers, some of which our pal Allie brought us. tools furniture resources

List of Projects

guinea pig house v1 [Description=Guinea Pig House v1 |People=Andyg |Theme=Furniture |Status=Finished ] Guinea Pig House v1. This is a folding Cavia house. 500px 500px 500px 500px project dormant furniture
guinea pig house v2 [Description=Guinea Pig House v2. More coming soon. |People=Andyg |Theme=Furniture |Status=Finished ] Guinea Pig House v2. This was an improvement on Guinea_Pig_House_v1. More coming soon. 500px project furniture dormant
guinea pig house v3 Guinea Pig House v3. This was an improvement on Guinea_Pig_House_v2. [400px|Guinea pig house v3] [400px|Guinea pig house v3] [400px|Guinea pig house v3] [400px|Guinea pig house v3] [400px|Guinea pig house v3] project furniture dormant
hacker shelving Hacker Shelving. The idea is to design and build hacker friendly shelving, then share design notes etc. Requirements... * Space for A4 sized books * Space for a medium sized domestic printer * Space for active and dormant projects * Space for boxes of stuff * Needs to be standard ceiling height tall * Needs to be about 1m wide * A fair amount of standing desk type space
Partitioning Furniture Partitioning Furniture We are keen to partition off space in the Kettock Lodge space, this project, or series of projects is to address that. We will use probably more than one of these solutions to partition off the 57N part of the space. First discussed in Jan or Feb 2020.

List of Workshops

List of Articles

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