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Sometimes it is fun to experiment with software.

List of Projects

Git Git Backing against the 57North ID LDAP database for SSH public keys, provides simple git repository hosting. At present, all 57North ID holders have access to this - once HackHub is integrated with 57North ID, this will be restricted to members.
Hackercat Hackercat hackercat is a artificial intelligence Cat like being that is omnipresent in the IRC channel, based on Cardinal. Usage You can fetch the available commands with .help . 22:10 <@irl> .help 22:10 < hackercat> Loaded commands: help, info, youtube, addnote,
HackerdeenBot HackerdeenBot HackerdeenBot is the 57North IRC bot, built by Ormiret with contributions from others. It is written in Clojure. HackerdeenBot uses data provided by the SpaceAPI endpoint and can be configured to use any conformant SpaceAPI endpoint. HackerdeenBot is distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.
Hackhub Hackhub Hackhub is our member database and lives on Finzean. It is very closely integrated with 57North ID and both need to be running. Hackhub code is hosted at Github. Hibby's work in progress attempt to set up hackhub on a server Requirements Some form of OS (Debian stable):
HackyLEDs HackyLEDs HackyLEDs was/is LED lights with homemade controllers that were kept in the upper floor of engage_space Location * 2x installed and in use in the ceiling; one flood and one strip light. * 2x stored unused under the left-side desk in the social room; one flood and one strip light.
Home Assistant Home Assistant Home Assistant just really ties the place together. Hosting Home Assistant is a VM on Alford. It also hosts a mosquitto server on port 1883. I (hibby) can't remember the password, but if requested, I can make a new one. How to communicate with HASS
Mail Mail An accurate depiction of emailing the hacklab Accept mail for 57North domains and the mailing lists. Runs on Ythan. /etc/aliases has things to point contact addresses at addresses for the people handling them. Run newaliases after editing this. Mailing lists can be managed with the commands in /usr/lib/mailman/bin
Spacekeys Spacekeys [A (probably outdated) snapshot of the 57North web-of-trust] Spacekeys is a small project by irl to visualise the 57North web-of-trust for OpenPGP keys. It uses sig2dot and graphviz to produce the visualisations. Remember that you should not trust Spacekeys for key discovery, you should always check that you have a trust path from your key via trusted people. There is
Stem Project Ideas Stem Project Ideas This is a page for STEM project ideas, things we can do as workshops or at events like MayFest, TechFest, IET open doors day and such like. This is a place for everything from raw ideas to completed projects. It was created after a mailing list thread, see

List of Workshops

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