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We are currently in the process of leaving engage_space behind, but for now we still need to have a residual network to allow the operation of doorbot and also to support co-ordination of the move (lack of mobile data signal in the social room and stairwell).

Residual network

The network has been pulled back to a minimal configuration. Nothing contained within the racks is critical to the operation of the residual network and can safely be disconnected. There are 3 devices that should not be unplugged. These are:

  • BT OpenReach Modem - found above the food elevator
  • APU3 board, labelled bennachie - window sill in dirty workshop
  • Wireless AP, Netgear - window sill in dirty workshop

These are shown below:


In the event (entirely likely during tear down) that you accidentally unplug something, do not panic! Plug it back in. irl has tested this and the network does come back. Please try to avoid doing it unnecessarily though.

The WiFi continues to function as before, we are still using the Converged VDSL which will be terminated at the end of October, and there is still a GRE tunnel between HackHub and the space network to allow for doorbot's functions.

Uplink cable routing

The hackspace has an uplink to the rack in the office in Engage. This cable goes up two flights of stairs, through the wall into the Engage kitchen, up into the ceiling, then back down into the Engage office. The cable is a single Cat5e, there is a green string to help with wiring an additional cable at a later date.

Kitchen ceiling route notes

Some basic notes to help us find the cable route in the ceiling if we need it.

Hop 1: The first hop goes through the one tile, then skips 3 tiles, and turns 90 degrees left above the forth tile.


Hop 2: The second hop skips 6 tiles and, above the tile just before a light fitting turns 90 degrees right.




Hop 3: The third hop skips 6 tiles and then turns about 45degrees left.


Hop 4: The forth hop takes the cable into the lower ceiling of the Engage office.

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