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General Lists

The main means of online communication for the hacklab is via mailing list. There are three main mailing lists.

Mailing List List Address List Information Archives Gmane Traffic
57north-announce Link Link Link Low
57north-discuss Link Link Link High
57north-ctte Link Link Not carried Medium

The bare minimum requirement for members is to be subscribed to the 57north-announce list. It is highly recommended that you are also subscribed to the 57north-discuss list however to really become part of our community. There is nothing to stop anyone from subscribing to either list, member or not, and public archives are available for both.

The 57north-ctte list is primarily used by the directors for communication about administrative matters, but there is nothing to stop anyone from subscribing to this list. 57North aims to be as transparent as possible in its management.

Specialised Lists

We have the ability to create project specific or special interest lists.

Mailing List List Address List Information Archives Gmane Traffic
57north-music Link Link Link Low

Using the mailing lists

You can subscribe to the mailing lists using the list information pages linked in the table above. You can also change your settings there.

Once you are subscribed you can send emails to the list by sending them to the list email address.

All messages are archived and the archives are also linked above.

Other Interfaces

The announcements and discussion mailing lists are also carried on Gmane.

Access via NNTP is provided by Gmane. You must still be subscribed to the mailing list in order to post to this group via NNTP.


  1. When replying on the mailing list, inline replies or bottom posting are preferred. Top posting is heavily frowned upon.
    • A: It reverses the logical flow of the conversation.
    • Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?
  2. If using GPG to sign messages to the mailing list, PGP/MIME is preferred.
  3. Send replies to the list unless someone has explicitly asked to be CC'd.
  4. If the subject of a thread has changed, update the subject line with the new subject and then (was: old subject) after it.

Private Directors Contact

There is a private list for sending emails to the directors at This just copies the mail to the currently listed directors - the space creates no archive of these emails but the individual directors might. Any non-private issues should be sent to the public committee list.

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