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What is the Shop?

The shop is where the foods, drinks and other treats live.

The shop is currently in Beta™ and feedback/comments are welcome. Shout at .

The shop uses RevBank. We keep a 57North specific codebase at which can be accessed if you are in space.

How do I Shop?

Add a User

Scan 'adduser', scan your username!

If you don't see your username on the list, then you'll need to…

Add a Username to the List

git clone



to include your name.



and printing the resulting users.pdf page!

Don't forget to git push or the next time someone is added you won't get to play.

Deposit Cash

Scan 'deposit'. Use the small keyboard to type in the amount and press enter. Scan your username.

Buy Things

Scan the thing's barcode. Scan your username. Enjoy.

Check my Balance

Scan your username. This also tells you what you've bought.

I don't want to sign up

Don't worry, we've got you covered. Scan the item, then


. Deposit your money in. Or don't, we're not tracking stock that closely.


Yes, I know it's in EUR. No, I don't care, it's entirely arbitrary.

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