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This is a page to share details about other organisations that share a common geography, space and/or philosophy to 57 North. Sort of, people like us.

Probably best if they are non-profit orgs, but not sure.

A list of events in Aberdeen can be found at .

Although, generally these are groups we're keen on, in some way or other, inclusion on this list does not count as endorsement of any kind.


Aberdeen Science Centre

Aberdeen Science Centre (formally known as Satrosphere) is Scotland’s oldest science and discovery centre, originally founded in 1988. It has interactive, hands on exhibits and live science shows. It is also the North Scotland STEMAmbassadors hub.

More info…

Aberdeen Social Centre

<blockquote>Aberdeen Social Centre (ASC) creates a dynamic space for like-minded groups and individuals working in partnership to build a better future for Aberdeen. We believe in people co-operating as equals to create a shared world free from exploitation. We aim to work together in the spirit of mutual aid and solidarity.</blockquote>

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Anatomy Rooms

The Anatomy Rooms is a creative hub providing a range of working spaces in support of individual practitioners, groups and arts organisations. Based around shared and private studio space, the centre’s objectives are to encourage creative production and professional development through the provision of working space, practical guidance, peer-to-peer support and programmed events.

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Apple Store

<blockquote>Do more with the products you love. Join a creative session at the Apple Store. Stop by for one of our many new sessions in Photography, Art & Design, Music and more near you.</blockquote>

There are also kids classes programming using Swift Playground.


Bonnymuir Green Community Trust

Their aim is that the bonnymuir green community trust develop and use the site of the former bonnymuir green bowling club as an asset, owned by and operated for, the benefit of the community. Their vision is to create an urban sustainability hub. All residents in our community and beyond will be encouraged to use it as a social hub where the emphasis is on promoting a greener, carbon-reducing lifestyle. Meeting new people and having fun whilst learning/teaching new skills such as growing, cooking, reusing household items, and discovering innovative ways to promote Aberdeen as a sustainable city.

More info…

Kekun Studio

Art Collective, Workspace & Creative Studio at 63 Rosemount Place, Aberdeen. Set up by Mary Butterworth and Mood of collapse. Artists that have had residencies there (I think) include Jetpack Dinosaur, Studio N_Name, Neil Corall, KMG and Little Bat Club (aka Susan Amy Brand).

ONE CodeBase

<blockquote>ONE CodeBase is a partnership between Opportunity North East (ONE) and CodeBase to deliver tech company growth and transformation in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. The space will open in Q2 2019, and will support the tech community with scaleup education, office / coworking spaces, mentoring and excellent events.</blockquote>

More info…

codebase_main_room.jpg codebase_outside.jpg

Peacock Visual Arts

Since 1974, Peacock Visual Arts has supported artists in the production of artworks, ranging from prints to video works, photography, performance and site-specific public installations. At its core lies the idea of the multiple, work that can be reproduced in a variety of formats, analogue and digital, reconfiguring the relationship between the artist, the artwork and the audience, which can be outlined simply as – making, learning and showing.

More info…

Wasps Studios & Spaces: Eagle House Studios

Eagle House Studios provides 10 studios at first floor level.

More info…

Wasps Studios & Spaces: Langstane Studios

Langstane Studios, is a former print works. With support from the Scottish Arts Council Capital Lottery Fund, Aberdeen City Council and Scottish Enterprise Grampian, we were able to buy and redevelop this building back in 2005. This building houses 32 studios over 3 floors and currently supports 39 artists.

More info…

Westhill & District Men's Shed

<blockquote>Westhill Men’s Shed was the first to be formed in Scotland following the Australian model in 2013. We were looking for a building to have the shed in when the Westhill library moved to new premises and, supported by the council, the building was transferred to us as a lease for a peppercorn rent. We initially set up the workshop for woodworking with a single ‘dirty bench’ for metal working. We soon found that many men had their careers in engineering related to the oil industry and so converted about 1/3 of the workshop to metal working and engineering.

A partition put up in the main room separated off the workshop from the social area to keep the noise and dust at bay. Here we have the coffee table where the world is put to rights and is big enough to accommodate computing and modelling (railway) areas and to have as a venue for evening social events where family and friends are invited to a meal cooked by our chef. </blockquote>

More info…


Aberdeen Amateur Radio Society

<blockquote>The Society has approximately 50 members and meets most Thursday evenings. Meetings vary in nature and topic but in general, the first Thursday of each month is a junk sale where members can bring radio and electronic equipment which is sold off at very reasonable prices. Donations are quite common and all monies raised from the sale of these items go directly into club funds. We also manage to accommodate a full programme of radio related events on most other Thursdays. These vary from demonstration and operating sessions to talks and construction.</blockquote>

More info…

Aberdeen Developers .Net User Group

Aberdeen Developers .Net User Group is a non-profit user group which aims to benefit software developers in and around the Aberdeen area.

More info…

Aberdeen Model Railway Club


The Aberdeen PHP User Group. They meet on the first Wednesday of the month, in the evening, and on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at lunchtime.

More info…


Aberdeen Linux Users Group.

More info…

Code the City

Codethecity is a civic hacking initiative interested in hack weekends, open data, workshops, and idea generation tools. We have been working on air_quality_monitor with Code the City.

More info…

Cryptonoise Aberdeen

A digital rights and cyber security meetup in Aberdeen with monthly meetings at 57North Hacklab in the Social Room. Meetings are typically the last Thursday of the month. The meetings are supported by Open Rights Group.

More info…

Scotland Data Science & Technology MeetUp

Group for anyone interested in Data Science, Big Data, Analytics and Technology trends.

More info…


Tilly Code Club

Tilly Code Club is a free coding club for children aged 9-11 to build and share their ideas, learning along the way.

More info…



campGND is a weekend long camping festival for hackers and makers every summer since 2014. Is is kind of a 57N / Scottish Consulate thing.

More info…

CCC Congress

The Chaos Computer Club congress is annually in Germany. Several 57N members have gone before, often as the Scottish Consulate.

More info…

EMF Camp

Electromagnetic Field is a non-profit UK camping festival for those with an inquisitive mind or an interest in making things: hackers, artists, geeks, crafters, scientists, and engineers. Several 57N members have gone before, often as the Scottish Consulate.

More info…


A STEM centric weekend long event based around Aberdeen Uni. Lots of events, some quite school-centric.

More info…


This is an event set for December 2019. Is is kind of a 57N / Scottish Consulate thing.

More info…

Pint of Science

Annual science festival taking place in pubs & cafes in May - across the UK & globally. Various venues around Aberdeen including Exodus, Inn at the Park, BrewDog Castlegate and the Belmont Filmhouse.

More info…


TechFest Festival is Aberdeen and the North-East of Scotland's annual festival of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). It usually runs for a month from late August to late September.

More info…

University Societies

Aberdeen University Computing Society

<blockquote>The Aberdeen University Computing Society (AUCS) exists to provide a place for students to learn and share computing knowledge. Special events include practical workshops led by members on fields which they are interested in, talks by invited guest speakers and social events such as coding challenges, movie nights and gaming competitions.</blockquote>

More info…

RGU Computing Society

<blockquote>Come and join a group of tech-minded students for workshops and fun social events. We run study sessions, academic workshops on a variety of topics, and run the Hackathon, our largest coding contest of the year. We also have social events throughout the year so you can meet your fellow students. Open to anyone with an interest in computers, coding, or tech.</blockquote>

More info…

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