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Lower Level Floorplan 01


Empty, Doc, Hibby and Nordin, did a cracking job,

After the Space is Empty Clean.

Forst day cleaning Main Shelving removed and scubbed, Doc And Iona, Also shelving for Members boxes placed in hallway, see some pictures below.

Lower Floor Entrance Hall Main Room

Main Entrance

Main Door

The main door is a fire egress path. We need to detail the manufacturer and dimensions of the door, locking mechanism and then consider how we shall permit users to enter/exit space.

Main Room

Main Room Progress

the insulation is up on the back wall. and shelving

Main Room Progress

I have power in the room now and there are desks and a center table,

The network has been started by Iain. but as yet no internet.

Wall Coverings

The Back Wall will be insulated with a partition, the brick wall will be left, there will be shelving put up on left hand wall.

Nothing else to do currently, we will have to see how the members fell about the noise from the venue upstairs, this may require further insulation.


The stereo is moving. How are we mounting it? Where are the Loudspeakers living?

Video Screen

Are we going to wall mount the TV in this room? Projector?

Workshop Room

Door Lock

To prevent access to the downstairs area.

Working Areas

Are we going to split out a couple of work areas in here? Will there be dirty tools? Vacuum for cleaning up after yourself? Signage to remind members to be clean?


Are we going to have music here?

If so, will it be independent with its own MPD or will we just be pulling audio cable through? Irl (talk) 10:29, 6 May 2018 (BST)

Upstairs Room

Door Lock

To prevent access to the upstairs area / bathroom.


Do we want music?