EngageSpace/Wall Art

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This page is a place for ideas, details and discussions about decorating the space.

General sort of good things...

  • Does not have to be Art
  • As long as it makes the place look better, in some people's opinion
  • No wall art has to last forever
  • Good if creates a fun, cool, exiting or chilled vibe

General ideas

  • We can use stuff from the Branding page.
  • Geometric shapes - Kev has an idea for the main room wall.
  • Stencils
  • It takes two, a print by David Mach It takes two not sure where though.
  • Trooper Chilling, is quite nice Trooper Chilling not sure where though.

What would you like to see?

Jot your ideas and wishes here

  • place
  • for
  • ideas
  • go crazy :)

Stair Unicorn

The Stair Space would be a good place for some artwork, even if just to cover up the bad wall. Some ideas...

Idea 1

unicorn idea 01

Idea 2

unicorn idea 02

Idea 3

unicorn idea 03

Idea 4

unicorn idea 04