Event:OSM Mapping 2017

From 57North Hacklab

On yer bike!


Cycle accessibility


Postponed to some point in the future. [1]


57 North Hacklab, 3rd Floor, 35A Union Street Aberdeen

What should I bring?

  • Yourself
  • Smartphone (GPS logging/survey recording)
  • Laptop (Uploading information / app hacking)
  • Bike (If you've got one!)
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Lunch



1000: Arrive, Coffee & Biscuits

1030: Welcome, Introduction to OSM, Mapping Concepts and techniques, Applications.

1100: Mapping, Apping, Exploring and Fiddling

Mapping: Get out there and Explore Aberdeen! We're focussing on improving the documentation of cycle paths, parking and places you can bike in the city and shire.

Apping: Write an app or work with others on developing interesting uses for the OSM dataset in Aberdeen.

Exploring: Seen somewhere interesting on the map? Know somewhere cool that isn't on the map? Go there, survey it and then add it to the map!

Fiddling: Play with open mapping, ask questions and see what we're up to.

All skill levels and knowledge levels are welcome.

1800: Wrap up and discussion of day's activities. Dinner and Drinks to follow?

0300: latest time for people to leave


1000: Continued Mapping and Apping if desired!


Name Goal
Hibby Cycle to unmapped areas, survey and add them!