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Founding of the space[edit]

A few notable events around the founding of the space.

First email[edit]

2013 Aug 9

Stepan testing the google group worked.!topic/hackerdeen/e8ofSJolXWg

First (virtual/IRC) meeting[edit]

2013 Aug 11!topic/hackerdeen/f1t65aaUVaQ

First in person meeting[edit]

2013 Aug 15

At Aberdeen Uni (McRobert Building).!topic/hackerdeen/wHsKKUtakPw

Second in person meeting[edit]

2013 Aug 31

Again at Aberdeen Uni, in Rm 205 of Meston Building

There was talk of some hacking happening this time, but I don't remember if it got past the talking about it stage.

This was when Malcolm told us about the possibility of the space we now have.!topic/hackerdeen/CFCVA4q3oDs

First meeting at our space[edit]

2013 Sept 10

We got a look at it and discussed things with some of the layers of landlords.!topic/hackerdeen/nBd70p7vbLQ

We had enough keys to start using the space properly[edit]

2013 Sept 27

Doorbot came into existence to let people in without keys[edit]

Some time towards the end of September through start of October

There were complicated plans to improve on the bluetack for closing the door again (that still haven't been implemented).