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If you are reading this as a prospective member, please skip to the second section.


Guests are permitted limited access to the space during open events (e.g. Tuesday Open Nights or Themed Thursdays) or when accompanied by a member of the space. However they are not permitted use of the space tools or consumables outside of the guest allowance. Guests wishing to become members are asked to follow the procedure below. An email (contents also below) should be sent to the new member for return to the public discussion list.

  1. New members are asked to populate a simple email template (see below) and send it to the public discussion list. Visitors wishing to join are asked to pay 1 months membership fee at their next space visit. A director must be present to accept this, with a receipt given. Their payment and email constitute a 'the new membership submission'
  2. Members are encouraged to email commentary to board members regarding any new member, although sponsorship is not required for a successful application.
  3. Board members are tasked to observe any objections over a 5 day consultation period from receipt of the new membership submission. The initial member fee and any application objections are registered with a tasked board member. The tasked board member is either tasked overall, rota'ed or selected ad-hoc at the point the first payment is received. If no objections are recorded from the board, membership is deemed approved. If there is a negative outcome, fees paid are returned in full by the tasked director.
  4. The member is notified of any negative outcome within 7 days of the application date via email by the tasked board member. Assuming no negative outcome, the new member is invited to visit the member account registration page at
  5. Finally to complete your registration visit the member login area from the main site (or, login and click the application button.

Email to send to prospective members[edit]

Thank you for showing interest in joining the 57North Hacklab.

Guests are permitted limited access to the space during open nights or themed evenings. However they are not permitted use of the space tools or consumables outside of the guest allowance. Guests wishing to become members are asked to follow the procedure below. Any person who wishes to become a member of the hacklab must submit (a) a remittance to meet the first month's subscription and (b) a typed application for membership.

You should pay your first months fee (£20) in person to any board member whilst at the space, who will give you a receipt upon request.

We also ask new members to make a typed application via an introduction email to the public discussion list. Your membership will then be considered by the board with member input. You will be notified of the application outcome 7 days or less from the date that both application and remittence are received.

Once passed, you will be given access to Hackhub, the service that you can use to gain physical access the space, independently. You must add any outstanding personal details to Hackhub to complete your membership application. Your subscription fee will be refunded in the event of your membership not being accepted.

You should sign up to the 57north-announce and 57north-discuss mailing lists. Once you are subscribed to these lists, please fill in your own responses to the following points, and email them to Use the email subject header: 'Member Application Intro':

 1. Your Name (nick): 
 e.g. Arthur Dent (earthman)
 2. Your Background
 e.g. I formally lived in the West Country before moving here due to an unplanned uprooting. I am an out-of-work actor partial to hot tea and dressing gowns. 
 3. Your Hacklab-related Interests
 e.g. I have an interest in travel and ebook reading. I enjoy hacking bathtowels in new and interesting ways. 
 4. What knowledge can you bring hacklab community?
 e.g. I can understand all languages known to creation and have experience with very low-budget orbital hardware. 
 5. What do you wish to learn from the hacklab community?
 e.g. I wish to gain more hands-on independent knowledge about electronics and product design in general, so that if the world ends I can at least fix my digital watch.
 6. Link to photo (not essential but useful)

Please do not attach your photo to the email. If you're not able to link to the photo hosted on a web server, leave it out. Attachments are duplicated along with the message and sent to all current subscribers to the hackerspace mailing list, and photos can be large files, which can annoy our members and upset our mailing list server.

Membership terms[edit]

Please read the 57north Articles of association for full membership terms. This can be found at on github