Nearby Food

From 57North Hacklab

Hacking takes energy and energy comes from food. There are a number of locations that offer food that are within easy walking distance of the hackerspace.

Bonobo Cafe

Bonobo Cafe is a 100% vegan workers co-op just around the corner from the space. They have coffee, tea, soft drinks and food to eat-in or take away. Prices are very reasonable and you get discount if you use your own cup for take away coffee.

Bread Maker

The Bread Maker is a good cafe and also a social enterprise. It's typically open in the daytime, ~9-5. It's located about 100 meters north or the space, on Rosemount viaduct.


You don't get more nearby than Engage, which is directly up from the hackerspace. If you are a member of 57North then you may get a discount on food and drink.

Foodstory Cafe

We are a group of people who, in 2013, launched a Kickstarter with a dream of building a space where anyone of any age, any walk of life of life could not just eat great, healthy food but could come in and feel part of a community through art and music. We believe in bringing people together. We built the cafe ourselves, and most of the furniture was donated or built from salvaged parts, so the shelves are a bit wonky, the chairs are odd, and our ageing, yet beautiful-sounding Monington & Weston piano was left to us by Sandy’s late grandfather. You can come and play it if you like.