Nearby Food

From 57North Hacklab

Hacking takes energy and energy comes from food. There are a number of locations that offer food that are within easy walking distance of the hackerspace.


You don't get more nearby than Engage, which is directly up from the hackerspace. While you can often walk down the fire escape stairwell from Engage, to get in it is more reliable to use their front entrance from North Silver Street. If you are a member of 57North then you may get a discount on food and drink.

Real Hot Dogs

Take a short walk down North Silver Street to Union Street and on the left you will find Real Hot Dogs. They offer hot dogs with a variety of toppings (including fries as a topping). They also have vegetarian and vegan options, and with a loyalty card every 11th hot dog is free.

Real Hot Dogs provided 10% discount for our group order of Hot Dogs for the 2nd day of the 3rd Symposium on Consular Curtain Trade Regulations.