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3D Printer
Description Kossel Mini
People User:Nordin
Theme Infrastructure
Website http://octopi.local or
Status Active


About the Space 3D Printer

For the raw specs, see the original Ebay Item (webpage snapshot). It is a RepRap kit Kossel Mini.

It can print items up to 200mm in diameter and 210mm in height.

OctoPi and the OctoPrint Interface

The space 3D printer is connected via USB serial to a Raspberry Pi V1 running the Octoprint print service, hosted on a custom Raspian build called Octopi. Using this, no PC is needed to run the printer as all features can be accessed via a webpage user interface.

How to 3D print an STL

The Octoprint UI requires a user login. The shared account to access the printer is username:printeruser, password: printeruser.

STLs can be uploaded to the device and stored for reprinting. Users should upload their files to their own user folder if printing for their own projects.

Once uploaded, users will need to convert their STL files into g-coded (*.gco) files. This conversion is called 'slicing' and a slicing engine has been added to the web interface using a generalised slicer profile (57N_Default).

Top tips

Reduce print speed or print multiple discreet items for prints with many quick layers.

For prints with quick layer times (from small areas or thin walls), a slower print time allows your extruded filament to cool and set more before the head returns, preventing the hot head from 'dragging' over weak areas of the print. You are recommended to either:

  1. Print a second part away from the first print to increase travel time; or
  2. Slow down the print via either (a) setting an overall slower speed in the slicing profile or (b) a live reduction in feed rate in realtime to 85/90% when you print, accessed from the live controls tab on the Octopi UI.

Common Problems