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Air Quality Monitor
Description Air Quality Monitor,
People User:DocOcassi
Theme Electronics
Status Active

An Air Particulate Monitor based on the design from

It monitors PM2.5 and PM10 particulates along with humidity and temperature. Based of a infra red scatter and wavelength sensing to determine particulate size.



We have a number of sensors up in the Aberdeen area, you can see the geographical map of our current registered sensors in the link below.


The original Design ->

Our redesign, it is essentially the same device, but in a box instead of guttering pipe ->

Warning: this document is a work in progress and should be treated with caution

Flashing the devices[edit]

If the device needs re-flashed, the apple desktop in the hackerspace can flash the devices, by logging in as 'north57' and running the shell script in '~/Projects/FineDustSensor'

Archived Data[edit]

The data is sent with the long form ID of the sensor to medavi you can find the archived data at:

A subset of the data is then pulled to the luftdaten archive for display on the map but this is now indexed by the shorter ID there doesn't seem to be a way to know the relation without prior knowledge.


Instructions (In German)

Links of Interest

Code for sensor

Data from the Sensors and wifi signal

Archived data

Archive data from lutdaten as csv