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Description Doorbot - Door Entry System
People User:DocOcassi
Theme Infrastructure
Status Active

Uses an ASRock PC with an Arduino Deumilanove for the door control.

Networking is a static IP set in `/etc/network/interfaces` using the space's public allocation, address *.106. Upstream router is *.105

Originally build by Ormiret and working well with a web interface to open the door.


Doorbot Ver. 2

In Progress

Based on Arduino-Nanode with an RFID Reader. this will take over from the older doorbot and remove the need for a PC, connecting straight to the network and holding card details on the Nanode.

Doorbot Version I've lost count

At the new space we built a new doorbot.

HW in the space is now a Raspberry pi zero W with a GPIO pin connected to a relay module switching 12V to the strike release plate.

This is again controlled from button in hackhub or sending a text message with an unlock code.

There are plans to put doorbots on more doors and there are new plans to add card readers...