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GNU Social
Description GNU Social
People User:irl
Theme Web
Status Active

GNU Social is microblogging software allowing the public dissemination of small messages to a community of followers. It is similar in some respects to Twitter, but runs in a decentralised manner with no dependence on one sole provider. All members of the hackerspace may use our GNU social instance. You can authenticate to the service using 57North ID.

Using our GNU Social instance

When you visit [1] you can click login and you'll be redirected to 57North ID. If you've already logged into another service, then you'll be logged in straight away, otherwise you'll need to enter your username and password. Once you're logged in, you can post straight away.

Using our GNU Social Instance with Bitlbee

Bitlbee is an IRC gateway for a number of different chat protocols and social networks. Before you can add your account to Bitlbee, you will need to create a password. This password is only for GNU Social and will only work for access via the API, you will continue to use 57North ID to log in via the web interface.

To add our GNU social to your Bitlbee account:

account add identica <57North ID Username>
account identica set oauth false
account identica set base_url
account identica set password <GNU Social Password>
account identica on

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