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LED Ping Pong Pong
Description A game of Pong, on LEDs, in ping pong balls
People User:Andyg, User:Ormiret
Theme Electronics
Status Active

We were going to create a pong game, that could use an array of LEDs as a screen.

Rob made an awesome LED array.

Ping pong ball array.jpg

And some code for it

The code is living in though it's not finished yet.

Notes from IRC...

actually that reminds me, andygasman: I "finished" the pingpong ball display (more than a week ago...). It's on the shelf of scotcon stuff above the bench in the workshop. I left a ndoemcu with it that'll drive it from UDP traffic. is what I was using to fire data at it. Might need IP updated, depends how sticky DHCP is in the space

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