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Description APRS Digipeater
People User:irl, User:Hibby
Theme Radio
Status Active

MB7VX is the callsign of the APRS digipeater at the University of Aberdeen. It was built by Iain Learmonth MM0ROR with the assistance of Dave Hibberd MM3ZRZ and Gordon Pearce MM0YEQ.

The station operated initially as a receive-only IGate under Iain's callsign and was established as a digipeater on the 10th April 2015. It was shutdown on the 9th April 2016 as the NoV had expired. The station was restarted in December 2016. The equipment has since been used for packet experiments using AX.25 and TCP/IP.

The Setup

The digipeater uses a single Tait T2035II fitted with the T2000-A60 dual port UART Interface Module. This module provides a computer control interface and an interface cable was constructed. More details about the interface cable will follow later. The software controlling the digipeater is Dire Wolf, running on Debian GNU/Linux. The antenna is fixed to the roof of the west wing of Fraser Noble building and is a vertical coax dipole (also known as a flowerpot).


MB7VX Predicted Coverage

The coverage map shows the predicted coverage of the digipeater. The coverage was not as great as had been predicted but was still very good. The main problem was due to the location of the Sir Duncan Rice Library which towered over the site.


In order to use the digipeater, you would simply send APRS packets as you normally would on 144.800Mhz with your path set to WIDE1-1 or WIDE2-1. MB7VX was the only digipeater in the Aberdeen area, and so higher values of "n" are essentially meaningless. If you do use a higher value of "n", your path will be rewritten when digipeated as if the path had been WIDE1-1. If you would like to ensure your packets are not digipeated outside of the city in the event that another digipeater does appear, you could also use the path CITY which other digipeaters should ignore unless explicitly told to use.

Technical Details

Radio Tait T2035II with T2000-A60 dual port UART Interface Module
Frequency 144.800 MHz
TX Power 10 watts (10 dBW)
Antenna Type Resonant Feedline Dipole
Antenna Polarisation Vertical
Antenna Gain 0 dBd
ERP 7 watts (8.5 dBW)
Locator IO87wd

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