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Description Matrix homeserver
People User:Shell
Theme Web
Status Active

Matrix is a federated group chat system, or IRC++. It's an open standard with multiple clients and server implementations available, with modern features such as built-in authentication, chat history, file uploads, and WebRTC signalling for VoIP and video calls. From any Matrix homeserver, users can talk to users and join groups on other homeservers, similar to XMPP federation.

57North's Matrix homeserver deployment is based on Synapse, and uses Projects:57North ID for authentication. It is currently on Synapse 0.18.7, and can be used with either our local install of Riot, the public Riot client at, the Riot Android/iOS app, or a number of other clients.

In order to log in, simply go to, click "Sign in with CAS", and sign in with your 57North ID credentials. You should then see a list of globally public rooms available. Your Matrix user ID is @<username>

In case you have another client with working CAS support, the homeserver URL is

You can join the #57n IRC channel by joining from Matrix.


  • Implement an alternative authentication mechanism (likely username/password via LDAP).
  • Get email working.