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Description Web-based view of the 57North web of trust
People User:irl
Theme Community
Status Active
A (probably outdated) snapshot of the 57North web-of-trust

Spacekeys is a small project by irl to visualise the 57North web-of-trust for OpenPGP keys. It uses sig2dot and graphviz to produce the visualisations. Remember that you should not trust Spacekeys for key discovery, you should always check that you have a trust path from your key via trusted people. There is no verification when new keys are added beyond a basic sanity check.

Adding your key to Spacekeys

Send an email to to request that your key fingerprint is added (don't forget to include the fingerprint!).


The bulk of the logic is contained in a single shell script run by cron job. The KEYS environment variable is set to contain a space separated list of OpenPGP fingerprints.

 gpg --recv-key $KEYS
 gpg --list-keys $KEYS > html/spacekeys/list.txt
 gpg --list-sigs $KEYS | sig2dot -a -s html/spacekeys/table.html > html/
 neato -Tpng html/ > html/spacekeys.png
 neato -Tsvg html/ > html/spacekeys.svg
 dot -Tpng html/ > html/spacekeys-dot.png
 dot -Tsvg html/ > html/spacekeys-dot.svg
 twopi -Tpng html/ > html/spacekeys-twopi.png
 twopi -Tsvg html/ > html/spacekeys-twopi.svg
 circo -Tpng html/ > html/spacekeys-circo.png
 circo -Tsvg html/ > html/spacekeys-circo.svg
 osage -Tpng html/ > html/spacekeys-osage.png
 osage -Tsvg html/ > html/spacekeys-osage.svg

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