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The unofficial 57North Hacklab bug tracker runs on This bug tracker is available for all members of 57North Hacklab to use for their projects if they wish and is the official bug tracker for the Hackr infrastructure. Authentication to the tracker is handled by 57North ID, so members that are logged in to any supported service will find they are already logged in to the tracker and ready to submit or comment on tickets.

Requesting a new component

Tickets in the bug tracker are organised by component to keep the tickets organised and manageable. If you would like to request a component for your project, please submit a ticket on the component. (The template link will only work correctly if you are already logged in to the tracker).

Technical Details

Web Server

The trac is served using Apache and WSGI. The virtual host configuration can be found in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/001-trac{,le-ssl}.conf. The TLS certificate is issued by Let's Encrypt and managed by certbot. A renewal attempt for the certificate is made hourly in root's cronjob.

Trac and Plugins

The trac software is installed from Debian 9 (not from stable-backports). A third-party package, python-cas, is installed from PyPI in order to allow for our custom CAS authentication plugin to work.

This plugin needs to be cleaned up at some point so that it is maintainable. The source code is currently sitting in /root/traccasplugin/0.11/ and is a fork of the [[1]] found on Trac Hacks, modified to use python-cas instead of pycas (which only supported CAS version 1.0).

The Hackr Trac Environment

The environment can be found in /srv/trac/hackr with the HTML deployed to /srv/trac/html. The environment is currently configured to use an sqlite database as its backend, although a MySQL server is available on the host and migration would be possible if necessary.

To manage the trac environment:

 cd /srv/trac/hackr
 trac-admin .

To deploy updated assets for the document root, including the cgi-bin scripts:

 cd /srv/trac/hackr
 trac-admin . deploy ../html

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