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Description The 57North XMPP Server
People User:Irl
Theme Web
Status Active

The 57North XMPP server runs on hackr and uses the Prosody server software at

Creating an account

If you would like to create an account on the XMPP server, you can use in-band registration from your XMPP client. Registrations will only be accepted if you are using an IP address from the hackerspace network.

If you have the CAcert root certificate installed, you will be able to connect using TLS. If you do not have the certificate installed then your client may ask you to accept it.

Multi-user chats

Using your account on the XMPP server, you can create multi-user chats on If you have an account on another XMPP server you will be able to participate in multi-user chats on our conference server but you will not be able to create new multi-user chats.

XMPP Directory

Here is a list of XMPP users that have added their ID to their wiki user page:


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