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The shop is where the foods, drinks and other treats live.

The shop is currently in Beta(tm) and feedback/comments are welcome. Shout at User:Hibby.


Irn Bru: 50p

Pepsi Max: 50p

Twix: 50p

Crisps: 50p

Freddo (praise be): 25p


Currently the shop covers a limited range of chocolate and sugar to satisfy our occasional needs for fuel to continue the mad hax.

Other suggestions are welcome. Beer has been sold before, would this be welcome again?

Feedback on chocolate selection is welcome. Twix was picked as it's hibby's favourite, however there's no requirement to buy this again.

Naturally, the most popular things shall be returned.

Freddo (praise be) shall be a permanent resident.


The shop makes enough money to keep the hackerspace afloat and buy us cleaning material and occasional stools.

Please buy our sweets and drinks instead of bringing your own, it really makes a difference!