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IRC Nick DocOcassi
Amateur Radio Callsign
Projects Air Quality Monitor, Doorbot


Life in a post-industrial psephocracy, where all value of human creativity has been reduced to the scrabble for a valueless unit of exchange. I whore myself fixing and maintaining our control systems, resolved to squeeze the final drops of it's finite resources out of this already exhausted planet, shielding us from the inevitable technological trap, which will spring shut with all the care as though Chronos itself had its hand on the trigger.


I fix things and understand systems, I have a 20 year experience as a Linux hobbyist, I fair electrical understanding and a rather shaky electronic understanding. My current interest is economics and the systems of exchange. I can be a news junkie, and am very critical of language, how it is used and abused. I am also interested in how society is organised, and how it can be organised.


Who knows, Yahweh used to, but it is dead.