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Primary IPv4
Primary IPv6
Location OVH Datacenter, France
Contact User:Irl
Projects Projects:Wiki, Projects:Planet, Projects:GNU Social, Projects:Trac
Processor 1 vCPU
Make/Model XenServer HVM Guest
Operating System Debian 9 hosts web applications that are considered to be a stable part of the Hackr infrastructure. It is a virtual machine hosted on The primary services that are hosted are the Wiki and Planet. As these services are important to the hackerspace, access to this host is restricted. More experimental services and more resource intensive services can be found running on


This server is named after Fred Moore. Fred Moore (1941–1997) was a US political activist who was central to the early history of the personal computer. Moore was an active member of the People's Computer Company and one of the founders of the Homebrew Computer Club, urging its members to "bring back more than you take."