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A collection of considerations for buildout of a new space.

Permanent design considerations and decisions shall be wiki documented. Lists of materials, donations and things that are transient can be in pads.


Hibby has produced CAD models of the new space.

EngageSpace Downstairs CAD Layout


List of documents that need updated:

  • Website: Location
  • Wiki: Location
  • Companies House: Location



May is primarily closeout of 35a Union St - empty it, tidy it.

May 1st: Notice at 35a Union St. Meeting w/ membership if desired.

May 4th: Agreement in place with Engage Gaming.

May 11th: Compile a list of questions and observations points we need to look at for each different section of the build

May 12/13 & May 19/20: Moving all retained space equipment to Engage.

May 22: Clean and Tidy 35a Union St

May 29: Design Meeting for all @ 35a Union St, Clean & Tidy V2.0, final goodbyes.

May 31: Handover of Keys.


In June, we build our new space together. Tuesday nights become building nights, and I'm sure people will come in for a day or so at the weekends too!

June 5: Tuesday Buildout Meeting: All hands on deck, let's get building our new space. Fitout and Furniture. Shelving and sawing.

June 12: Tuesday Buildout Meeting: Power and Lighting with added network wiring

June 19: Tuesday Buildout Meeting: Power and Lighting with added network wiring part 2.

June 26: Clean & tidy, see what needs to be finished out.

July 3: Open Tuesday #1 in Engage Space.


Things covering the walls, things insulating us, things to make it look neat

Fitout: Engage Space

Furniture & Storage

What furniture we want, what dimensions it is, where it's going. Also where we hide things.

Furniture: Engage Space


What tools we have, where they are going.

Tools: Engage Space



Catalogue tools in 35a, throw away stuff we're not keeping. Pack stuff we are keeping.


Organise storage, labelling and location of tools. Catalogue this information for future use.


Breakers, ring mains, outlets, power budgets.

Power: Engage Space



Design power distribution, rings and build up quantities of outlets. Document this w/ Bill of Quantities. Cut in half to be realistic on budgeting.


Purchase items and install in their designated locations.


Making everything well lit and usable.

Lighting: Engage Space



Layout initial lighting design. Detail power budget, bill of quantities, layout drawing.


Purchase items and install in their designated locations.


The nerd's favourite, but really the last thing we care about in this situation.

Network: Engage Space