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This is a not very exciting page about floor covering.

irl mentioned floor covering for the social room, in March 2019. Requested quotes for rubber flooring from a company in Glasgow, that may also send us samples. However, irl is now looking at the bright orange floor and thinking this is more interesting.

The room is 5.7m x 2.6m. Most flooring coming in 2m wide rolls.

Andy G got Vinyl flooring from 'The Colour Flooring Company', it is pretty durable and easy to clean. https://www.colourflooring.co.uk/products/tangerine-vinyl-flooring 6m of this would be £174.

Andy G has also bought lino from the Range and the hardware shop in Aberdeen Market. I think the lino from the Range was https://www.therange.co.uk/diy/flooring/vinyl-flooring/oak-effect-vinyl-flooring. It is quite flimsy really.

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