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Incoming Power

We have 4 supplies on 3 different phases coming to us

  • 6 Amp Lighting (P2)
  • 16 Amp Water Heater (P1)
  • 32 Amp Shower (P2)
  • 32 Amp Ring (P3)

The cables run to the first floor and should be tapable there to continue to a Consumer unit in the dirty workshop, the 16 could be changed for a 32. though this would require replacement of the cable.

Potentially we could change the breaker upstairs to 40A and use a 32A breaker in our box which would remove the risk of tripping the breaker upstairs by distributed load.

Consumer Unit

We have a schnider Easy9 Distribution box in the hall next to the dirty workshop


This will be done by 50mmx50mm Conduit you can see the plan for distribution below.


Per Device Breakers

Test Benches

In each area have a test bench which has it's own RCBO

Water Heater

In bathroom and shower, can we get rid of the shower?


A Ventilation Fan and ducting


Supply for each room.

Future Desires

Is there anything we want in the future that should be considered early on?

  • Current consumption monitoring