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The upstairs room, or rooms, provide a space for quiet screen work. There is also a bathroom.

upstairs plan

plan editable online at http://www.archifacile.net/editor?ed/6ebdee674d259eec not really to scale.

The Space

engage_space_upstairs_room_shower engage_space_upstairs_room_laser

The images are in order, these are the strange hallway in the first door. the shower room and bathroom. Taken Autumn 2019.

engage_space_upstairs_room_coridor engage_space_shower_room engage_space_loo_room

Here we have the main room it has the dumb waiter in the middle of it, which breaks the space. Taken Autumn 2019.

engage_space_upstairs_room_view_ahead engage_space_upstairs_room_view_between_rooms engage_space_upstairs_room_end_alcove

We Also have a roof space which is accessible here, may be worth exploring for storage for now.



Shower Removed

The shower has been removed, Now it is time to fit the sink.

The Sink will be fitted along the rear wall and will be storage underneath and above,


The space has been cleared and a desk has been assembled, still need a chair and some use for it.

Will upload images.

Roof void

There is a roof void about 3 ft high above the ceiling.

Roof void Roof void Roof void Roof void

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