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Come to the space and hack on things to make the space better for hacking the space

hack the space October 13 and 14

We will be in the space til late Saturday and again early, fueled by pancakes to continue on Sunday.


Do something with the upstairs room

Some of the walls also need to be patched, which we can do, before painting.

Make things light up


Spray paint the front door to say 57N


Better street-level hacklab signage


Ventilation system for the inside room

If we want the ventilation parts costed about £170 for the which will have to be bought.

Make the shower room into a photo dark room // washing up room

I have a kitchen sink with worktop for the shower room if we want to make it more usable, I think Mike's darkroom idea is the way to go, K. The extractor fan in the toilet is broken, and need to be replaced, a replacement is there.

Paint the walls


Make a new museum


Art Stuff

See EngageSpace/Wall_Art