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== DNS ==
== DNS ==
On '''finzean'''. Config in '''/etc/bind/'''
On [[Projects:finzean|Finzean]]. Config in '''/etc/bind/'''
== Mail ==  
== Mail ==  

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The members of 57North Hacklab maintain infrastructure projects that help with the day-to-day running of the space, such as providing network access, telephony and web services.

Some of the things we run are considered to be required for the space to function and are listed under the Core Infrastructure section, others are provided on a best effort basis and we're not going to panic if they break.

"There is only one service provider whose interests are directly aligned with your own, yourself!"

Core Infrastructure

Some things are required for the space to function properly. The things in this section are on that list.

If anything on this list isn't working please let us know (loudly).

Main Website

The public facing site for the space: https://57north.org.uk/

The site is on github: https://github.com/hackerdeen/website

Hosted on garioch, from /srv/vhosts/57north/

SSL cert from letsencrypt - needs renewed (at least) every 90 days. letsencrypt update

See also Projects:57_North_Website

Internet connection

Converged Logo

Our Internet connection is provided for us by the good people at Converged (converged.co.uk). Information on the local network in the space can be found on the network page.

Membership system

HackHub records details of members, payments, allows opening the door and setting the space status.


Hosted on finzean under the hackhub user. Running in a virtualenv in ~hackhub/.hackhub/. Code is in ~hackhub/hackhub/. Apache config /etc/apache2/sites-available/hub.57north.org.uk-le-ssl.conf.



57North ID Our login/signon system. Used by the membership system and anything else that wants to use space accounts.

Hosted on finzean. Under 57n-id user. Apache config /etc/apache2/site-available/id.57north.org.uk-le-ssl.conf.


This wiki.

Hosted on moore.hackr.org.uk and run by irl. See the wiki project page for more information.


On Finzean. Config in /etc/bind/


Accept mail for 57North domains and the mailing lists.

Runs on garioch

/etc/aliases has things to point contact addresses at addresses for the people handling them. Run newaliases after editing this.

Mailing lists can be managed with the commands in /usr/lib/mailman/bin


Stuff in the space that allows members to unlock the door with commands in hackhub. Currently a Pi Zero W controlling a relay that unlocks strike release plates on the downstairs and street doors.

See also Doorbot.


Main domain is 57north.org.uk We have previously used 57north.co and hackerdeen.org and still have some things using them (mailing lists on 57north.co, possibly some other stuff). At Some Point™ everything should be moved onto 57north.org.uk

Currently all owned by the space account at GANDI (details in the password store).


Above services are on our two VPSs from BitFolk (garioch and finzean) and a machine at OVH/KimSufi (ks1). Everything has been moved off ks1, it now just has redirects to where things are now.

List of Projects

3D PrinterKossel Mini 3D PrinterFinishedNordin
57North ID57North centralised identity and SSOActiveVShell
DoorbotDoorbot - Door Entry SystemActiveDocOcassi
GariochOther serverActiveUser:Hibby
HackhubHackerspace ManagementActiveOrmiret
Home AssistantA Home Assistant (HASS) service running on a local serverActiveHibby
LDAPThe 57North Hacklab LDAPDormantIrl
Laser CutterThe space laser cutterActiveNordin
Lower-level 12v NetworkA 12V distribution network, mainly intended for lighting, sensing and control at this pointActiveNordin
LulzBot Mini 3D PrinterA high-performance desktop 3D printerActiveNordin
Others welcome
NetworkThe 57North Hacklab NetworkActiveUser:Irl
New Flooring on the Upper FloorA project to improve the quality of floor on the upper floorFinishedNordin
PiMPDMPD on a RaspberryPiActiveNoodlemonkeh
RGB outward-facing lights on the upper floor windowsA project idea to add RGB outward-facing lights on the 4 upper-floor windowsIdeaNordin
Wall Control PanelsWall control panels using the TiLDA Mk4 BadgesActiveNordin

To add your infrastructure project, use this form. Do not try to edit this list directly.

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